Do you want to turn a photo on your phone into your next art quilt?

Your cell phone is an amazing creative tool. Images of travel, walks around the park, visits with family and friends are potential creative resources. Using your phone and an application you can turn a simple snapshot into a quality composition. In this course you will learn how to apply design concepts, use software on your phone and turn an image into fabric.

The Process

Begin by understanding how to create a center of interest

Play with color, textures and values using Picsart

Prepare you image to be printed commercially

Start with.....

Begin with understanding how to crop and correct a photograph by applying design concepts using your camera's built in photo editor.

Play with...

After uploading Picsart, play with an array of filters to manipulate colors, textures and values. This process allows you to easily expand compositional possibilities .

By the end....

By the end of the course, you will return to Photoshop Elements to size your digital images for printing with a commercial vendor and then to use the fabric in your next art quilt.


Photo 2 Fabric: On the Go!

Use learning to use your device as a creative tool.

  • 5 Units of Study
  • Both video and written presentation
  • Step by Step instructions
  • Expand your understanding of Design Concepts
  • Unlimited Access
  • Self Paced
  • Design for Art Quilters at Any Level